Year: 2019


My MMORPG Journey

It all started out in early 2002 when I went to my friend’s computer shop to hang around and chat. I noticed that the people there were playing a multiplayer game with cute characters you can level up and get items with. The game was Ragnarok Online. It was probably the game that revolutionized Online […]


Review Of Dior Luxury Handbags

Dior Luxury Handbags are the epitome of class and style and the popular designer handbags offer a variety of handbags for fall and winter that is representative of this reputation. Dior Luxury Handbags include a collection of classics from finely detailed exquisite clutches, to the most feminine of structured handbags one would expect a lady […]


Best Game as of 2019

There were tons of games that were hits in 2011. Games such as Halo Reach and Crysis 2 were all ranking high in store shelves. The most similar thing with all of these games is that action remains the most popular genre of video games. But I personally don’t prefer action over things like puzzle […]


What Is The Need Of Education Consultants?

An Educational Consultant (EC) is a professional whose main responsibility is to help parents/students, educational organizations like schools and colleges and other various institutions with primarily educational planning. Their services are similar to that of school counsellors, but they are usually self-employed or employed by consulting firms. What do they do? It’s the job of the EC to familiarise parents […]

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