Top Apps PC Users Swear By

Top Apps PC Users Swear By

Have you recently upgraded your PC and now looking for the best apps? It could also be that you have just bought a new PC and now need to arm it up with apps. Well, whatever be the reason, your PC is incomplete without apps. Thus, the post below offers a brief on the top options for app store download for your PC.


What if you get a tool on your PC that will enable you to find files and apps in a jiffy? Sounds cool, isn’t it? You bet. Mac users have a similar tool called Alfred. Windows users will be glad to know that today they too have a similar and even more powerful app for that. It’s called “Wox”. The app is also designed to support plug-ins.


Do you want to keep your media contents organized in your PC? That’s a smart thing to do as it will enable you to find things faster when you are in a rush. And, Plex is just meant for that. This free app will neatly organize all the videos and photos in your PC to the T. It will also enable you to stream different media files to various devices.


It’s always advised to get separate passwords for different online accounts, files and folders. But, it’s no easy task to remember all your passwords and recollect them at one. However, how would it be if you actually get an app that will remember all passwords for you? Well, 1Password is that much-awaited app for PC users today. This app is designed to save passwords in browser while its mobile applications will take care of all your pass-codes elsewhere. The app even supports 2-factor authentication to ensure an added layer of security for users. It’s not a free app though and charges a nominal fee of $2.99 a month.

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