The Benefits, Side Effects And Cost Of Laser Hair Removal!

The Benefits, Side Effects And Cost Of Laser Hair Removal!

What all are the benefits of hair removal through laser treatment?

Benefits of laser treatment contains that there is no restriction imposed on the areas of treatment. Even a minute part of the body cannot escape from the treatment. And there need not any pre-planning with regards to the treatment despite the fact that the concerned area need to be shaved before the session. This would thereby helpful for the required people to have at home hair remover. It is very less time consuming. The machine functions really well pace that it does not require much time to get it done. There are different types of treatment, YAG and IPL, for the dark skin and light or medium skin respectively. This treatment would destroy 30 to 40 percent of hair follicle permanently so that there would not be that percent of hair in the next growth.

Side effects of laser at home hair removal includes,

  • if the process undertakes carelessly, there are chances to get skin burned.
  • The high frequency conduct of laser treatment causes the darkening of skin.
  • Internal organs can get damaged if you do not focus on the intensity of frequency required and given.
  • There could be allergic issues to people especially who are prone to skin diseases. Rashes and reddishness may appear to those skin areas that which are more exposed to laser treatment than the required.
  • The possibility of joint-pain may also there.
  • Feeling of numbness would result as skin is a very sensitive organ, there are chances to get the nature be exceptionally hard after the treatment.
  • Because of the radiation passes through, the body gets dehydrated very soon all the time. Continuous repetition would lead to have blue coloured skin.
  • Proper cleaning must be done post the treatment session which otherwise would result in entrance of bacteria into the body.
  • The treatment areas must be shaved properly before the session. On the contrary, the re-growth would be thick.

What is the cost?

The cost of the treatment varies if not at home hair removal. It is based on the quality of the service they provide. In that case, there can be three categories where the first one would consist of well and high ambiance of atmosphere with highly qualified and experienced specialists. Thereby the cost also goes about 180 to 300 dollars. The second sections contribute by the people and equipment’s of medium qualities. Hence, the price also levels from 140 to 230 dollars per session. Coming to the last group, this section would include employers as well as mechanisms of low quality and the least cost is here in comparison and its sum is 90 to 180 dollars.

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