Handy Guide For Playing Wiggles Pairs

Handy Guide For Playing Wiggles Pairs

Are you looking forward to play Wiggles Pairs game with your game but have lost out on the instructions? Wiggles Pairs is a fascinating card game for kids and is enjoyed by adults as well. Does your kid have a “thing” for card games? It could be that you have played Judi Online with him for some time and he has got a taste of the fun. You will be relieved to know the post below offers an easy guide on playing Wiggle Pairs.

A brief overview

Wiggles Pairs can be played with 2 players and more. The whole pack comes with 36 beautifully patterned Wiggles cards with 18 pair sets. Every card features one Wiggles character- Emma, Lachy, Anthony, Wags, Simon, Henry, Dorothy, Captain Featherswood and Red Card. The main aim here is to gather maximum numbers of pairs by the final round of the card game.

Instructions to follow:

After shuffling, every card will be placed with face down. No card should overlap. Now, each player will have to flip over 2 cards each, turn by turn. In case, a player gets 2 same cards during card flipping, it’s considered to be a pair. The pair cards should be kept with face up. In case, player doesn’t get pair cards. s/he must keep the cards with face down in their original position.

The game will continue till all the cards have been claimed. The result will be determined by calculating number of pairs with every player in the game. As mentioned previously, winner will be the one with maximum numbers of card pairs.

Wiggles Pairs make promise an amazing time when you are looking to play something with your kid during the weekends. Your child will also enjoy it when his friends will come over at his place for a play-date.

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