Skincare Tips Prior To Getting A Brazilian Wax

Skincare Tips Prior To Getting A Brazilian Wax

You’ve heard of a Brazilian wax and how amazing it feels to have no hair to minimal hair down there. It must be very enticing for you to decide to try it. But you’ve also heard how Brazilian wax can hurt and that’s the real truth of it. This is also another reason why you’re probably hesitant to try it out.

But there are things you can do prior to getting a Brazilian wax that will help the pain a little bit. These are tips you must do as well to take care of your area:

Take Note of the Hair Length

Your pubic hair length plays a huge part before going to the waxing center or waxing them off by yourself. For starters, the length should be about 1 cm. Any shorter than that can lead to a difficult time in waxing the hairs off while longer than that can make it more painful to strip off.

Trim your hair to the right length for an easy waxing experience.

Go After Your Period

Going to the waxing salon prior to your monthly period makes it a very painful experience considering your body’s sensitivity is at an all time high. Book your appointments after your period so you can endure the pain better.


Your pubic hair area contains dead skin so it’s best to exfoliate. Dead skin, if not scrubbed off, can lead to ingrown hairs afterwards.

Dress For The Appointment

Know what to wear when you head to your waxing appointment. This includes loose shorts, pants, skirts and flowy dresses. This is so you don’t have to squeeze in to your clothing after the appointment where you’re feeling a little painful down there.

How often should you get a Brazilian wax? It is recommended to wax every 3 to 4 weeks. If the hair growth is slow, you can go back after 6 weeks. You’ll notice a change in the level of pain as you do this frequently. So relax, have fun and enjoy the results of your waxing.

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