Winter Plumbing Tips: 3 Things You Should Know

Winter Plumbing Tips: 3 Things You Should Know

Winter is arriving very soon and you don’t want to be caught in a huge plumbing problem in the middle of it. It’ll be very hard to deal with and not to mention, the damage that will cost you is probably expensive. So it’s best to check on your pipes, sinks, toilets and drainage systems before the cold hits.

Always do a full check around your house. A few tips can be followed below for some plumbing maintenance before the winter season starts:

Check For Leaks

Leaks can cause your pipes to burst due to it getting frozen. Check your sinks and toilets for any possible leaks so as to avoid such an incident from happening. If you spot any, make sure to fix them at once.

Disconnect Hoses

Don’t leave your hoses connected to your water system during the winter. Not only will it destroy your hoses but water from the hose might return back to your pipes causing it to freeze and burst. Always remember to take it out, dry them, and store them back in your home for safekeeping.

Install Heat Cables

You may opt to install heat cables to protect your pipes even further. This can be installed underground and in basements.

Have A Plumber Check Your Pipes

Lastly, if you’re not quite confident even after following all these tips, have a plumber check your water system and pipes before winter. This way, they can do a full check around the house and advice you for anything else you might have missed. They can also give you more suggestions on what to do. Check your local listing for the highest rated plumber in Royal Oak MI and book them before the cold season starts. With all these tips, not only will you be prepared, but you’ll also be spending a worry free winter.

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