2 Best Golf Clubs For Beginners

2 Best Golf Clubs For Beginners

Golf is an amazing sport! If you have never tried it, then you definitely should! It is fun and it will help you get fit. It will help in reducing stress and give you some time in the open air and greenery. The sport is perfect to escape from the hassle and stress of everyday life. It is also a bonding exercise as you can spend time with your friends and share some laughs, you can also make new friends. Here are two golf clubs that are recommended for beginners as you can’t start your golfing experience with even the best golf clubs for seniors.

  1. Tour Edge Golf – Bazooka 360 Complete Set

These clubs are not very famous as the brand doesn’t sponsor players. They use their resources to produce high quality golf club instead. These are affordable as well. But this is not it, if you decide to get this set you get a warranty of not just ten years but a whole lifetime.

The set comes with a putter, 3-wood, hybrid and seven irons. All this comes with a bag. These clubs just what a beginner will need.

  1. Wilson Men’s Profile XD Complete Golf Set

These clubs are really good and are super cheap. The set includes a driver, hybrid, four irons, three wood, a putter and two wedges. And you don’t need anything more than that to start playing the sport.

The set is cheaper than Tour Edge as the Driver is not of that great quality but it still is of good quality. You can buy a separate driver if you want as the clubs are of great quality.

One more thing worth mentioning is that the set gives an option to choose between stand bag or cart bag.

Whichever one you choose, you will not be disappointed.

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