Prime Male And Testogen Reviews

Prime Male And Testogen Reviews

Time and age cause a fall in testosterone levels. First timers are usually confused about testosterone booster. Here are some Prime Male and testogen reviews to help you gain more confidence when purchasing a testosterone booster.

Prime Male

AHMAD says that it was not a very fun experience for him. He said that he was overly nervous while using the product. He also mentioned that his workout did not improve and even he started feeling pain in his knees.

Maxx had less testosterone levels since he was 29 years old. He was taking testosterone shots but they were not working. To boost up his sex life he started using Prime male and just in two weeks he had stunning results. After three months of use his testosterone levels were so amazing that his workout and sex life boosted up and his experience was phenomenal.

As it is clearly observable, different people have had different experiences with the product. It is best to consult an expert and consider your conditions before using the product. Now, here are some reviews on Testogen that will help in understanding the product’s performance.


BUBear says that cheaper products are available at a price almost half that of Testogen. He also says that the product is very strong and the results were super. He recommends people to take at least two scoops for better results. 

Francisco Tovar did not feel much difference in his testosterone levels but he loved the blending of taste, this is after four weeks of usage. He stated that he did love the product initially and even gave it a four-star rating.  

As you can see here, there are conflicting views here too. It is always suggested to visit the official site and contact an expert to make sure that the product is right for you.

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