A Guide On Arrows In The Game Rust

A Guide On Arrows In The Game Rust

Rust is an open world, survival and sandbox game. It means you have to survive in a huge open world and you can build weapons and structures to protect yourself.

The most easily obtainable ammunition in the game are the arrows. There are two main types of arrows that can be crafted across the game and this guide tells you about all two of them so you can make the right choice yourself. If you try hard, you can probably find rust hack that increases the damage of all arrows but if you want fair play then this guide will be very helpful for you.

The first arrow is the Wooden Arrow

Wooden Arrow

It is a projectile and is shot through a Hunting Bow, Compound bow and a crossbow. The damage dealt with this arrow is greater than the High Velocity Arrow. This arrow could easily be the best arrow but it comes with a very short range. This makes this arrow better for short range battles than the high velocity arrows. The arrow is also stackable with stacks of 64 arrows each and it can be crafted easily using 25 wood and 10 stones. The time taken to craft one such arrow is just 5 seconds and it can even be crafted without a work bench.

The other arrow is the High Velocity Arrow

High Velocity Arrow

Also known as HV arrow. This arrow is a variant of the wood arrow and is much faster and accurate than it. The damage, as stated earlier, is 20% lesser than that of the wooden arrow and it requires slightly more resources as well. It is also stackable with a stack size of 64 and time taken to craft is lesser, just 3 seconds. It requires 40 woods and 15 stones.


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