3 Cool Things For Instagrammers In 2019

3 Cool Things For Instagrammers In 2019

Instagram is backed by a dynamic team that often comes up with new exciting features. So, what are the trendy features for Instagrammers in 2019? Well, the post below offers a cool list to try on.

Branded filters

You may be planning to buy 100 instagram likes to boost the popularity of your brand on Instagram. However, the newly-introduced facility of branded filters is another cool way to drive engagement and traffic towards your brand. Well, Instagram now allows users to create AR custom filters for their Instagram Stories.

You can customize the filter in the pattern of something that relate to your brand. For example, if you are planning to launch a new flavor if ice-cream- create a customized filter related to that new flavor. Make it attractive so that viewers love to use it. And they will use it, it will simultaneously help with a subtle promotion of your brand.

Countdown Sticker

Countdown Sticker presents a powerful way to promote an upcoming launch or event of your company on your Instagram Story. The timer in the sticker will create a sense of urgency and its innate visual appeal will keep viewers eagerly waiting for the D-day. In fact, Countdown Sticker will even enable your followers to set reminders and receive alert as the countdown ends. Moreover, they can also share the Story with their Instagram followers as well. Don’t forget to enter a crisp caption that will notify the purpose of the countdown.

Ads for Instagram Stories

Do you know 1 in 5 Instagram Stories actually continues with a DM from viewers? No wonder, the Story section is a highly potential place to run your business ads. You may run 3-panel carousel advertisements or video ads. As per Instagram, the full-screen vertical format creates a deeper and more immersive visual experience.

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