3 Facts You Need To Know When Playing PUBG

3 Facts You Need To Know When Playing PUBG

Before you dive into playing PUBG, there are a lot of things you need to know that might help you in surviving this gameplay. It is after all a Battle Royale kind of game wherein surviving it until the end is the only way to win it. Whether or not you kill anyone in this game just depends on how long you last.

PUBG mobile is so popular for a very good reason. Below are some facts you need to know when playing this game so as to be more familiar with it:

Don’t Start With The Obvious

Since this game requires you to survive, you’d need to pick up loot or items that come across your way to use as weapons. Where else would you find these than at areas that are most likely crowded and it would obviously have to be in large towns or cities.

But don’t do it. Don’t land there and start with the obvious. Land at a more vacant location or one that’s far away from where the town is. Towns are populated and many would immediately hunt for weapons there. So start with the isolated ones or empty cabins. You’ll still be able to find weapons there without the risk of bumping into anyone.

Move Around

Move around, especially when one is firing at you. It’ll be difficult to spot who is shooting at you from behind. So if you’re not at all sure who is out to get you and where they’re located, then move around, run in a zig-zag line until you can be far enough or find cover.

Avoid Bridges

Avoid crossing bridges to safe zones unless you really have to. Some players like to scout there and hide to prey for incoming players such as yourself. If you can, swim under the bridge or find a boat that will ferry you across.

You don’t need PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds hacks to win and play this game. Try it out and see for yourself just how fun it can be.

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