Basic Tips On Government Grant Application

Basic Tips On Government Grant Application

Most people think that the process of getting a government grant, be it a local government grant or a US Federal funding, is too difficult. Since they are not like government loans that needs to be paid back, the requirements for eligibility and the process of application is a lot stricter and more tedious. For some, looking and applying for a grant can be overwhelming.

With that being said, government grants are a great source of funding for non-profit projects you or your organization is planning to spearhead. And while the process of application can take a lot of effort and time, there are ways you can increase the chances of being awarded with a grant or speed up the process. Here are some tips and advice on going through a government grant application.

Always check listings for grant opportunities

There are websites you can visit to check of various government grant listings. Make sure to visit these sites regularly to not miss a grant that you or your organization will be eligible to. Since there are hundreds of applicants looking for grants, once an opportunity opens up, there is usually a very short timeframe before it gets awarded to a certain project. By regularly checking listings, you will decrease the chances of missing out great grant opportunities.

Always make sure you are eligible before applying

All government grants have requirements for eligibility, depending on the category of interest or advocacy. Make sure to check these and study if you or your organization and the project you’re applying the grant for is eligible for it. Applying for a grant you are not 100% eligible to will almost always lead to an unapproved application. By making sure you are 100% eligible for the grant, you are increasing your chances of being awarded with it.

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