Places You Can Visit To Escape The Crowds in Krakow

Places You Can Visit To Escape The Crowds in Krakow

Krakow is a thriving city in Poland that has a rich culture and history. The city has everything from beautiful medieval sites through antique churches. It is truly a fascinating city and everyone can agree but with all these majestic places you can visit the number of people will keep on increasing day by day. The city is facing an over tourism problem which is really understandable because of how popular the city is in any part of the world. But not everyone can deal with a huge crowd. You might find yourself suffocating and finding a place where it is peaceful and quiet. Worry not because there are still some places with a low amount of people where you can visit. Here are the places you can visit to escape the crowds in Krakow:

Wisla River

Wisla River or also known as Vistula River is a 1000km long river along Krakow. It is connected to the Baltic Sea and its riverbanks are known for one of the most romantic settings in Krakow. You can rent bikes so you can cycle along the Vistula River with your loved ones. You can also rent a kayak near the Pilsudki bridge so you can explore the whole place with a premium kind of feel.

Kazimierz and Podgórze

Kazimierz is one of the historical sites in Krakow. In Poland’s history, Kazimierz is the Jewish District of Krakow way back in the years of World War II. The Nazis then proceeded to move all the surviving members of the city to the ghetto along the river Podgórze. The place as of now is maintained by the tourism of Krakow and they kept the authentic feel of the place. They also constructed and developed the place which resulted in coffee shops and other establishments starting up in this area.

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