Looking For 4 Star Champs In MCOC?

Looking For 4 Star Champs In MCOC?

4 star champs are some of the most powerful in Marvel Contest of Champions. No wonder, every player looks forward to upgrade to 4 star champions after getting the 3 star heroes. Some of the most sought-after names here are Blade, Black Widow, Wolverine, NightCrawler, Omega Red and so on. But, how to get these 4 star champs? No worries, the post below outlines the top ways to get these champions in Marvel Contest of Champions.

Count on Act 3 & Act 4

If you are looking to get the 4 star champs, you will need 4 star crystals. As per the experts, if you can complete Act 3 100%, you will get 4-star crystals. You should also concentrate on Act 4. The good news is, completion as well as exploration of Act 4 offers full four star crystals.

Compete in arenas

Are you ready to compete in arenas? Well, if you are up for it, you have a fantastic chance of making your way straight to 4 star champions. But then, you can only take part here if you already hold 3 star or 4 star champs. As mentioned before, 4 star crystals will be a great help in getting the 4 star champions. But crystals are costly no doubt. If you don’t want to spend from your own pocket for them right now, you can bank on marvel contest of champions hack online. These online systems allow you to generate as much in-game currencies you want to buy crystals and that too for free.

Look for Kabam deals

If you are ready to wait, check out for Kabam deals. The company releases deals from time to time. These deals offer high profile 4 star shards or crystals from the game’s in-game currency called units. You will need around 2,500 units for one 4-star crystal.

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