Marketing 101 – Using Instagram Name Tags For Advertisement

Marketing 101 – Using Instagram Name Tags For Advertisement

Name Tags is a new Instagram feature that users can take advantage of. For people who don’t know about it, a name tag in Instagram is a picture that can be physically scanned using a mobile phone with a camera. After scanning the name tag, the person who scanned it will automatically be redirected to an Instagram page of your choosing.

How to create Instagram Name Tags

In order to use Instagram Name Tags for marketing, you must first do the following. You need to open your Instagram application and move over to your own profile. After that, you need to locate the Name Tag icon which can be found at the top of the profile.

Using the screen that will load soon, you can then create your customized Name Tag. After creating your own Name Tag, you can choose to save it, or you can opt to send it to people you know.

This page also has another use, this is where you can scan a name tag of another Instagram account, in which case you will be automatically redirected to that profile’s Instagram page.

With this, you are now ready to utilize your name tag for your business which will be discussed below

  1. For physical stores and businesses

If your business or store has a physical location, you can display your Name Tag physically on your business location.

  1. For online businesses

For online businesses, you can publish your Instagram Name Tag to your webpage as well as your other social media pages such as Facebook and Twitter.

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