How Safe Is Vaping For Minors?

How Safe Is Vaping For Minors?

Have you ever caught your minor child browsing for the best vape juice deals on the internet? Is vaping safer than the traditional cigarette? The answer is a resounding no. No matter how much people say about how vaping is safer than traditional cigarettes, it does not change the fact that the juices of the vaping device still contains nicotine. So the main question is how safe is vaping especially for minors? How can it affect their growth? Let’s find out.

Vaping is a very addicting activity

Once your child starts vaping he will not stop it. The process of vaping puts nicotine in your child’s body. Nicotine is a highly addictive element that is also present in cigarettes. This will cause your child to not stop on vaping and will continue doing so until you find a way to stop it.

Vaping can hinder your child’s growth and development

Your child that is still in his or her teenage years will be heavily affected by vaping. As it was mentioned earlier, vape juices that have nicotine in their mixture can also slow their brain development. It will also affect his learning pace, self-control, and concentration. The worst case possible is when your child will become moodier and attention-seeking than his normal self.

Vaping can damage your lungs

Vaping can still harm your lungs even if it is just a little compared to smoking cigarettes. Vaping will not exempt you from harming your health just because it is different from cigarettes. It still carries harmful elements that can develop very harmful diseases such as cancer in your body..

In the end, vaping is still not necessarily different from smoking cigarettes. The process might be different but the chemicals you are inhaling are still the same. It is important to help your child stop vaping before it turns into an addiction and a habit.

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