Is It Okay To Feed A 6-Month-Old Kitten Twice In Day-Know More?

Is It Okay To Feed A 6-Month-Old Kitten Twice In Day-Know More?

To answer these, we need to first consider kitten as a breed of animals that require care and love in their growing years like all other animals. To assure yourself of a proper diet for a kitten one must always acknowledge the metabolic rate of these animals.

During their first few years, kittens tend to grow fast hence at this stage their metabolism is relatively higher and a complete balanced diet could be recommended for these little feline friends. However, it should also be noted that kitten food should be fed up to the age of one. This requirement makes it very essential to know about the 4 ingredients to avoid when buying cat foods from a local market.

Acknowledge yourself to the taste and preferences of your kitten first.

After you have understood the metabolism and the food intolerances in your kitten you can start providing them with cat food. A 6-year-old kitten should have at least a three-ounce can of wet food daily to suffice its diet. One can also leave dry kibble around the house for the kitten. Furthermore, it is also advisable to serve a mixture of dry and wet cat food irrespective of the 4 ingredients to avoid when buying cat foods.

Among all other main ingredients to avoid in cat food are:

  • Chemical preservatives are added to oils and fats causing cancer.
  • Meat by-products with high-concentration protein content.
  • Carbohydrate fillers such as grains that are bad for diabetes.
  • Corn Meal can also be considered as a grain-food.

These ingredients must be strictly maintained in low or null proportions in wet cat food. It is very essential to suffice your kitten’s diet regularly and know what quantity should be sustainable for them.

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