What Does A Personal Injury Lawyer Charge For Taking Up A Case

What Does A Personal Injury Lawyer Charge For Taking Up A Case

Sometimes a person gets injured due to his own negligence and disregard for personal safety and sometimes injuries are just “accidents” for which no one is responsible in particular. So, what of the injuries that are caused due to someone else’s negligence and disregard of safety precautions. In that case, a personal injury lawsuit can be filed by the injured person through his lawyer.

It’s not always about the money

Apart from covering up one’s medical expenses and the income lost due to the injury, a personal injury lawsuit servers another purpose – to make the defendant realize the pain the plaintiff is going through by stripping him of his hard-earned money. So if one is looking for revenge, search for a good lawyer for his particular case such as Baltimore auto accident attorney.

What does a personal injury lawyer charge for a case?

A lawyer’s fees for representing such cases are on a ‘contingency basis’ meaning that he would receive a fixed percentage of the final settlement made by the defendant to the plaintiff for being responsible for his injuries. This includes –

  • Lawyer’s fees for the case – A lawyer would charge anywhere from 20% to 40% depending upon the complexity of the case and his past record of successful cases. His fees can be negotiated by the plaintiff. If the lawyer is unsuccessful in obtaining a settlement he would reduce his fees.

  • The fees for covering up expenses – A lawyer would cover the expenses, such as – medical fees, police reports, expert witness fees, postage, etc. of the injured and would charge the plaintiff at the end of the case.

All in total, the expenses of the case and the lawyer’s fees would be around 50% – 70% of the final settlement. There are many lawyers out there who would readily take your case such as Baltimore auto accident attorney so that one can seek retribution for his pain.

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