How To Differentiate A Man To Marry From Boys To Date

How To Differentiate A Man To Marry From Boys To Date

When you’re into dating a guy, it’s easy to think that he might be the perfect one. You Might be in a love haze. So be cautious, because there’s a lot of difference in the guy you date and the guy you marry. If you are young and having fun at this point in your life. It’s okay to have date and flings, but if you were going to settle down. Make sure to do it with a quality man, not an immature guy. But, if you don’t see the characteristics of the man you need in the person. Don’t be hesitant to dump him and move on and find that is perfect for you.

The Guy You Date

The characteristics of a guy on a date is he wants a less commitment. Also, he will learn your attitude and take it personally so that he can have a weapon to fire at you. Furthermore, he will call you in an immature name to make himself feel like a boss.  Also, he cares too much about your looks and will tease you until you make yourself into his standard.

The Guy You Want To Marry

The characteristics of man to be married have cleared intentions on you. He wants to be with you and wants to know what’s on your head. Also, he can hold a conversation with you about movies, music, and common interest. Furthermore, he can handle your attitude and talk to you. Also, the guy to marry can accept his sin. Also, he always says I love you because he means it. He wants you to feel that he loves you every moment of your life.

The Judgement

Finding the right man for you. It will take time. You must know his characteristics so that you can see if he is the right man for you. If you are dating, ask him the girls number list to know if there’s a friend of yours.

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