Caring For Sterling Silver Jewelry: The Dos And Don’ts!

Caring For Sterling Silver Jewelry: The Dos And Don’ts!

Sterling silver is the highest quality silver that is used mostly in jewelry and accessories. Sterling silver is more valuable as it has a high percentage of pure silver in it and some amount of copper in it. You can get a great number of silver jewelry designs from the finest craftsperson, but it is important to take proper care of sterling silver jewelry as it might get tarnished. You can also get the wholesale sterling silver jewelry if you want in excess.

Some craftsperson tends to oxidize the sterling silver jewelry to make the colour darker, and sometimes oxidization occurs itself when the silver tends to react with silver or sulphur. Let us know some dos and don’ts for keeping the silver at its best which are as follows:-

  1. Stay Gentle

Silver will only maintain its shine if you keep it gentle. Try to avoid the scratches and dents and maintain the silver jewelry. You need to clean the sterling silver jewelry gently.

  1. Don’t expose jewelry to chemicals

Sterling silver is sensitive and will get damaged if exposed in chemicals. Try to avoid perfumes or make-up products while wearing the jewelry as it might get tarnished. Also, try to avoid going to swimming pools as the chemicals in the swimming pool can damage the sterling steel.

  1. Avoid cleaners

In the market, there are products that are specially for cleaning the sterling silver. These cleaners can highly affect the silver, and it is better to use the gentle polish on silver jewelry or try cleaning it with the moist cloth.

These are some of the do’s and don’ts that you need to keep in mind while taking care of your sterling steel jewelry, and it is better not to expose the jewelry in the atmosphere.

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