Cloud Gaming Will Take Years And Years To Enter The Mainstream, According To Microsoft

Cloud Gaming Will Take Years And Years To Enter The Mainstream, According To Microsoft

Looking at the swiftness with which movies and television series streaming have taken over the market, it might be easy to expect the same with streaming games. According to Microsoft Xbox head, Phil Spencer, cloud gaming is still years and years away from entering the mainstream. He believes that cloud gaming will take another 20 years to establish mainstream status in the gaming industry and has outlined valid reasons for it.

Why Is Cloud Gaming Not Ready To Enter The Mainstream?

If we were to meticulously understand what cloud gaming is, we can easily understand why experts believe it to be in the budding stage.

  • Firstly, the gaming video you receive from the cloud would be compressed just like the movies that you stream are compressed. This is done to make them use less bandwidth, hence, the quality of the graphics available in cloud gaming videos might not be as sharp and detailed as highly configured gaming PCs.
  • No matter how compressed the videos are with cloud gaming, the bandwidth usage is sure to shoot through the proof if you stream games. Most people have limit caps on their internet connection which would mean they cannot stream games for long hours at a stretch. The bandwidth usage increase will shoot up dramatically.
  • The last but not least, the reaction time when you’re playing games on your PC is significantly quicker as it is to be carried out by your PC. With cloud gaming, your mouse movement will travel through an internet connection, be received, compressed, and only then travel back to you which can cause the game to lag.

So, as the debate about the potency of cloud gaming goes on, why don’t you invest the time in nonton bola malamini sitting lazily on your couch. After all, the debate around cloud gaming is sure to go for long.

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