How To Start Your Career In Physiotherapy In Canada

How To Start Your Career In Physiotherapy In Canada

Physiotherapy is a much sought-after career choice in Canada. Beginner practitioners receive something like $31,627 annually while seasoned ones make around $102,102 a year. Are you too looking for a career in physiotherapy in Canada? You could be an international student aspiring for a potential career in Canada. Now, it’s a common practice to confuse physiotherapists with chiropractors. But although these two share many similarities yet are not the same thing. So, no need to ask chiropractors near me about requirements for a physiotherapy career. The post below offers a brief guide on starting your career in physiotherapy in Canada.

First of all, you should know that the national authority for evaluation of IEPTs (Internationally Educated Physiotherapists) in Canada is CAPR. The body also conducts the national PCE for aspiring physiotherapists here.

Understand regulatory requirements

As an international student, you will have to check out beforehand the requirements of physiotherapy license regulatory body in your chosen Canadian territory. You may check out “Licensure Overview” section on CAPR site for more information on the regulators.

Check credential evaluation application

Next, you will start preparation for your credential evaluation from your home country only. You will find a designated section on CAPR website called “Credentialling Overview”. Go through it to understand the procedure of credential evaluation as well as the process of applying and submitting the application.

Wait for PCE exam approval

After you have sent all the documents and application for credential evaluation, you will have to wait a few days for the assessment. After the assessment is done, you will receive a message saying whether or not you will be able to sit for PCE.

Sit for PCE

After you appear for PCE, you will be informed about your results. If you can pass the test, you can contact regulators and request them for your license.

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