The Ultimate Body Beast Workout Program – Acquire Those Bulky Gains In No Time!

The Ultimate Body Beast Workout Program – Acquire Those Bulky Gains In No Time!

Your workout can entirely revolve around weights all day long, with a perfect bulking diet and you’ll still end up unsatisfied with the progress. The Body Beast Workout Program is designed solely to maximize the outcome of the invested efforts.

Body Beast fundamental principle 

The fundamental principle behind a Body Beast workout depends on Dynamic Set Training, a mixture of both traditional and modern bodybuilding techniques.

The absolute workout schedule 

This training schedule primarily focuses on mass. Intense cardio falls amongst the major rivals for an individual aiming exclusively to gain just mass and is hardly bothered with an insignificant proportion of amplified body fat percentage. This Body Beast training incorporates a single day of intense cardio per week and requires you to follow a strict bulking diet through the training session.

  • Chest (Duration: 30 mins)

The chest workout includes Force sets, Super sets, Combo sets, Multi-sets and Progressive sets with an additional boost in resistance, this will assist in bulking your pecs. You’ll be exercising every fiber of the pec with these sets, while the involvement of the progressive set is to concentrate on muscular hypertrophy.

  • Back (Duration: 30 mins)

This workout requires Force sets and Super sets along with a boost in resistance to build a massive back. Force sets build a focus on hypertrophy.

  • Shoulders (Duration: 35 mins)

The back of the shoulder is given focus through Progressive and Supersets as they develop 3D like appearance. Additional weight along with lower reps affirms the hypertrophy effect.

  • Arms (Duration: 35 mins)

Focused training is required with Progressive sets, while the Force sets and Super sets are performed for enlarging biceps and triceps.

  • Legs (Duration: 41 mins)

Super sets, Progressive sets and Forced sets assist in the development of huge quads, calves and hams.

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