Custom basins would make a nice addition to your bathroom

Custom basins would make a nice addition to your bathroom

Are you struggling to find the right basin for your bathroom? It could be that you have found the right material but not the desired thickness. On the other hand, if the thickness is right, you have a problem with the shape of the basin. Well, no worries, for people like you who never settles with anything other than the “perfect” model, custom basins would be the best.

Custom basins 101

Custom basins, as the name says, are the basins that are customized as per the user’s preferences. With a custom basin, you will have just the thing that you are looking for to complement your bathroom and answer your specific needs. There are many bathware manufacturers out there today who can craft custom basins, exactly according to user’s needs and specifications. They will allow you to specify the exact, shape, size and thickness that you want for your new basin. Some of them also allow you to mention the preferred style  and material of the basin.

Make sure to get a measurement of the allotted basin area in your bathroom to determine the most compatible bathroom shape and size before you place order for custom basin.

But, yes, since custom basins are made to order according to typical specifications, these will be costlier than readymade basins. However, you can always get a comparative study on 5-6 custom basin manufacturers to find a competitive deal.

Materials for custom basin

As mentioned previously, you can get your custom basin done in a variety of materials.


You can have custom ceramic basin sets done both for your main bathroom and guest washroom. Ceramic is hardy durable and also very convenient to maintain. And yes, ceramic basins are scratch and chip proof.

Natural stone

Custom stone basins command an exclusive class of their own. They are durable, elegant and best suited for luxe bathrooms.


Metal custom basins are mostly made from copper or bronze. However, the copper ones are more popular today.

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