Tips on How You Can Quickly Increase Youtube Watch Time

Tips on How You Can Quickly Increase Youtube Watch Time

Before 2012, the number one factor in the YouTube ranking was the total number of views per video. However, when YouTube changed their algorithm, the main ranking factor became the total number of watch hours. Basically, watch time refers to the total amount of time in aggregate that viewers spend watching your content. So if you have a YouTube channel, it is now important for you to change your strategy so you will get more watch hours for your videos. Thus, to help you out, here are some tips on how you can quickly increase YouTube watch time.

Create Playlist

Creating playlist will definitely give you an advantage to increase not just your potential viewers but also your total number of watch time. According to studies, when a particular channel has a playlist it has a tendency to encourage viewers to watch more content. Hence, your watch time can be increased.

Choose Thumbnails and Titles That Suit Your Content

Moreover, another way to increase watch time for your YouTube videos is to choose the right titles and thumbnails that best describe your content. This will give you an advantage of being easily searched by potential viewers. According to research, YouTube viewers rely on the titles and thumbnails when searching for the video that they need or want. Hence, it is very crucial to carefully choose the title of your content.

Create Content Based on Your Keywords

Targeting long-tail YouTube keywords can definitely help you get people to watch your videos. This again will give you a competitive advantage. For more information about how to buy watch hours for YouTube, there are different sites online that will help you.

Ultimately, for you to be competitive, you must employ some strategies about increasing YouTube watch time.

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