A Buying Guide Enlisting Fountain Pens

A Buying Guide Enlisting Fountain Pens

You get a smooth and amazing writing experience when you have a good fountain pen.Each stroke with the masterpiece increases more authenticity in your handwriting and personality. Due to the availability of a large variety of fountain pens, it is tough to choose the one suiting your requirements, have a reference at https://avalonpens.com/best-fountain-pens/

Factors that need to be considered before buying

Make sure you have your mind and task clear before buying the set of the pen. Also, pay attention to its materialistic components.

  • Pen nib material

The nib is the most vital part of fountain pens they are available in various material types like-

Stainless steel- the name which is made from stainless steel is always strong and durable also it is easy to replace them. If you are looking for a daily use pen, stainless steel offers a perfect option.

Iridium tip- it is present as a metal like silver-colored component attached to the platinum group. It is resistant to corrosion and durable.

  • Width and Size of nib

it is one of the most important parts of a pen, present as a metal tip on the bottom it deposits the ink when certain pressure is applied from the top. It is available in various sizes ranging from fine nib to broad or medium-sized nib.

Ink types

Fountain pens can easily use water-based inks because it supports the capillary action through which water initiates the movement. The agents making ink more permanent are pH modifiers, resins, biocides and so on.


it refers to the main shaft which is made up of metals like silver, brass, stainless steel or tungsten.

Wood pens

they are made up of bamboo, redwood or maple wood. They are aesthetically soft and tend to expand and contract (it can also cause cracks).

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