Should You Buy ThePotty Patch For Your Dog

Should You Buy ThePotty Patch For Your Dog

If you are thinking about purchasing the known as the Potty Patch that was advertised on the TV program As Seen On TV, then you came to the right place. Prior to buying this dog indoor bathroom product to help you in maintaining your home’s cleanliness from the urine of your pets, be sure to go through a variety of Potty Patch reviews which will provide you with a notion on what you will get with this product. This article is a great review of the Potty Patch, so reading this is a good start. For more information, be sure to visit You will find more reviews and potty products on that website. Without further ado, let’s start our review of the Potty Patch Product.

What exactly is the PottyPatch

The Potty Patch is an in house bathroom for dogs, produced by the American Kennel Club. It features a three leveled bathroom for dogs, designed to be placed inside a house. It features an exterior that imitates the appearance and sense of genuine turf, therefore appealing to dogs that are taught to go outside the house to relieve themselves. The idea at the rear of the Potty Patch would be the fact that a pet dog will prefer to make use of the Potty Patch rather than to use your carpet, sofas, and floor as a bathroom.

The three divisions of the Potty Patch

The Potty Patch features three divisions. The highest division contains man made grass that is created to have the appearance of real grass. The second tier will transfer the urine of the dogs from the top tier to the bottom tier, keeping the top tier dry. Lastly, the bottom tier serves as the storage of the unit.

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