Everything You Need To Know About Apex Legends

Everything You Need To Know About Apex Legends

Some battle royale games are similar with regards to loot spawns and choice of weapons. However, Apex Legends is different from other battle royal game—not to mention its exceptional characters and very unique abilities.

What is Apex Legends?

This game is a first-person shooter and was launched by Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment last February and it’s free to play.  Apex Legends concentrates on the style of play as a team of three and creates a range of original characters with unique features. If you’re worried about hacks and cheats, Apex hack and cheats are being actively removed by the devs.

Who are the characters of this game?

The characters in Apex Legends are called “Legends”. Each one of them is strategically unique with ultimate and passive skills that are handy on the battlefield. Each of their ultimate has a corresponding cooldown so the players are refrained from abusing the ability and to balance the game.

Bloodhound – he is very handy to easily track foes to reveal their spot.

Gilbraltar – his tactical ability is known called “Dome of Protection”. The dome protects him and his teammates against any attack, a protective cover for close combat.

Caustic – his feature has the ability to throw toxic gas frames and toxic grenades.

Lifeline – she is a good support in the team with her healing ultimate.

Bangalore – he can run quicker and easier even when he is under attack.

Wraith – she’s capable of controlling space/time by creating “Rifts”. In doing so, she becomes invisible inside the “rift” for a time.

Pathfinder – Pathfinder has a “Grappling Hook”, which allows himself to have all the mobility and to meet the rim of the foes easily.

Mirage – Mirage can deploy different virtual-reality tools to confuse foes and fire them in which serves as a diversion.

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