What Is The Need Of Education Consultants?

What Is The Need Of Education Consultants?

An Educational Consultant (EC) is a professional whose main responsibility is to help parents/students, educational organizations like schools and colleges and other various institutions with primarily educational planning. Their services are similar to that of school counsellors, but they are usually self-employed or employed by consulting firms.

What do they do?

It’s the job of the EC to familiarise parents and students alike with different available options for their educational career. For example, it is often unknown to most of us that the traditional schooling system is not the only way we can educate our children.

There are various other options such as home-schooling, distance education, etc. which can provide our children the same education no matter where they pursue it from. They have the same (or sometimes even more) amount of study hours, study material and even a proper evaluation structure. As there is more time for the students to go through the material, it is common to see that such education is of high quality. Also, it should be noted that home-schooling is legal for Thai citizens residing anywhere within Thailand. In fact, upon several surveys, it was found that homeschooling in bangkok is a growing option for the upcoming younger generations.

Some of the other duties of a consultant might include assessment of the particular student’s performance  in specific subjects and offering recommendation on improvement of the same, implementing changes to their current curriculum based on the student’s academic  requirement, discussing with the student about their choice of career programs and guiding them about the same, availing them with academic supplies such books, designing training programs for the teachers to improve their techniques of training and most importantly meeting with the administrators to implement the necessary changes and system for the improvement of the student.

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