6 Reasons for Young Adults to Participate in Online Video Gaming

6 Reasons for Young Adults to Participate in Online Video Gaming

Parents across the world nag their children about reducing their levels of video game play. Perhaps this nagging is justified as many parents fund their children’s gaming habits by purchasing XBOX 360 and PS3 consoles and XBOX live subscriptions. Parents purchase these items for their child’s enjoyment, but not for excessive use. Additionally, parents do not purchase these items for their children’s vocabulary to become increasingly vulgar due to high levels of vulgarity in online games. Nonetheless, many parents are actually unaware of the benefits of online gaming. Teenagers must continue to play online video games into their young adulthood despite opposition from their parents. Some reasons teenagers should continue to play a good amount of video games, and feel less guilty next time their mom or dad complains about their gaming habits, include the following:

A great environment to make plans with friends: The online network provides teenagers and young adults with a superb environment to make plans with friends. It is not uncommon for six to nine friends to play an online game together, and since many friends have microphones, they can chuck around ideas regarding their next social outing. You can tell whether or not certain friends are enthusiastic about certain ideas while everyone’s idea can be easily and quickly heard. Personally, my friends and I have planned our very best social outings while playing Modern Warfare 2.

A great environment to ask friends questions and exchange useful information: I’m currently in graduate school. Several of my friends and I attend the same college (as we are commuter students). My video game playing levels peaked while I was a 21-year-old junior in college. But that is not to say that video games hindered my classroom performance. Quite the opposite was true. The majority of useful information I received and gave on XBOX live about things such as my University’s policies (class scheduling concerns and etc.), University events, and other useful information regarding my education, was unparalleled. Online video gaming was not a substitute for studying, but the fact that it enabled me to speak to friends about practical information was very beneficial. This information would not have otherwise surfaced during a phone call or text message session with friends because they tend to be short. However, an MW2 session usually lasts a good two to three hours so we were able to touch many subjects, remember to inform each other of upcoming events, and pass along useful knowledge in general that if not on XBOX live, we would’ve forgot to mention.

Cultural Reasons: The XBOX live network consists of players from around the world. Players are able to hear opinions from others across the world. Being a political science major, I found this to be the best aspect of online video gaming. You are able to hear the political viewpoints of many European and Canadian young adults. Any cross-cultural debates occurring online are usually not fruitful since many individuals on both sides of the aisle are uninformed but it is interesting to hear the viewpoints of others. These conversations extend to issues other than politics. You can also overhear or partake in conversations regarding sports, leisure activities, assessments of upcoming video games, and more. It is even interesting to witness the different opinions of individuals from different parts of the United States.

High Gasoline Prices: Video games serve as an alternative to activities that require high-priced transportation. They also are great for when individuals are bored. When individuals are bored playing alone, they can always call a friend, grab a pizza or other snacks, and play together. With ridiculous gasoline prices, individuals can save a ton of money by choosing video games as their new hobby, granted they have friends who play. With a wide variety of online games available, there is something for everyone. There is no need for individuals to have to drive somewhere every time they are looking for a fun-filled night.

Laughs: The amount of stress-reducing laughter shared online between friends is priceless.

The Crazy Experiences: I once worked with a kid whose clan played against another clan one night (people they did not know) where they kept barely squeezing out a series of wins, leaving the latter frustrated. The next day, my coworker went to a GameStop 45 minutes away from his house to purchase a new controller and overheard some kids talking about their online MW2 experience the night before. As unbelievable as this is, the random kid was saying how someone playing on the opposing team (he mentioned my coworker’s gamer tag!!) kept killing him game after game and that he never played against someone who played so sneaky. I asked my coworker why he did not approach the kids and reveal himself. He stated that he did not want to cause any trouble because the kid was with two of his friends who were noticeably older and bigger than he was.

There it is, teenagers and young adults now have sufficient answers for video game haters. You can even participate in poker games at dominoqq. It really easy to register and you can even win some serious prizes there. You can also play with your friend or random players as well.

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