Free Online Games that Boost and Challenge your Business Skills

Free Online Games that Boost and Challenge your Business Skills

PC video games have many popular genres from strategy to first-person shooters. Poker online Terpercaya is there to challenge you on the table as well.

One genre that I am always eager to explore for new titles is the business genre. If you are familiar with any of these games, I believe that Capitalism II was the very best PC business game to date. Tons of factories and items to build, you can buy stock, take over other companies and build your empire from the ground up. This is a lot of fun however at some point you want to test these skills against real life players. Most stopped playing Cap II years ago and hardly anyone has LAN games these days. I had to turn online and I began an extensive search.

There are many free online games to play; all played in your Internet browser that I came across. Some are very simple but the most complex game really stands out. Its call Tycoon Online and I have been playing it for the past 2 months.

What I love about this game is not only is there no download nor a monthly fee but its one of the few games that actually has some graphics. This is a bit of a shock to most but many business simulations are text based with no graphics at all. Tycoon Online offers you a chance to be a CEO and build an empire against thousands of real life players from around the world.

It’s based in Sweden and the new management of the company has translated it all into English. You begin by starting a company, you own all 50 shares and thus beginning your quest. There are dozens of factories, shops or offices to build. You must buy real estate in order to build anything. The graphics are simple but it does allow you to get a picture of each of the dozen plus cities and where you can settle down.

The economy is strictly player ran and if you need goods to sell in your shops, if you do not produce them yourself than you will need to buy from another company. This creates a much more interesting environment where everyone is working together in a sense. There are clothes stores that need a steady supply of clothes in order to operate. You can buy off the market or build a cotton field, which in turn produces cotton. If you then build a cotton mill, you can turn the cotton into thread and later a tailor workshop will turn the thread into clothes. It is up to you how you want to structure your company.

You can also invest in other companies that could pay a dividend while others do not. You need to hire and train staff in order to operate all of your buildings. You can even try to predict future prices of goods and than start buying when the price is cheap and sell when it gets higher. There is a lot of strategy to building your company and each round essentially lasts for 70 days. This means that if you find a weak strategy you can always tweak it in the next round.

The game really teaches you how to run a successful company. You need to manage your cash flow, pay your staff on time and make sure you have enough money in your gas account to keep your cars, ships and airplanes moving. You can take out loans with the bank to add to your liquidity but there are steep penalties for not having enough money to pay your interest on that loan every day.


For many players, accomplishing a high C and S rank are the main goals. Your C Rank is based on a number of variables from how much money you have made, how many goods you have produced, buildings in your company and how big your warehouse is. S Rank is based on how much in dividends you have paid out and your profit from when you buy and sell shares. These ranks are simply indicators to the overall size and contribution your company has made to the environment that is Tycoon Online.

Tycoon Online is a great game that will not take up all of your time since the game moves at a slower pace. This helps people who can only log in once a day keep up with the power gamers. If you can play all day long you will run out of things to do but to post on the forums within the game. It levels out the playing field and even 20 minutes a day is enough to keep your company growing. I hope you every success! Good Luck!

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